Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Update on the girls! E is 23mo and S is almost 7mo!

Clearly I have been slacking at update you all about my beautiful babies. I have been working full-time, as well as going to school full-time. Not to mention my everyday mom and wife duties. Anyways, without further a-do.... E is almost two! In one short month we will be celebrating two wonderful years with this little girl. S turns 7 months is just a few days. Time is flying.
Age:23 months
Age: 7 months
E is 25lb! Her next check up will be sometime next month, so we will see how tall she is. S is pushing 17lbs and is about 26 inches long.  
2T is what E is in all the time now, while the pants still need to have an adjustable waist in order to fit her tiny butt.
S is currently in 9mo clothing, and will soon be in 12mo. She is growing like crazy!
 Favorite Foods:
E: Cheese, fresh carrots, guacamole, chips, tacos, fruit snacks
S: Carrots, Pears, Green beans, Peas, Apples
 Favorite activities:
 E:Singing, dancing, gymnastics, playing with her Barbie's, watching Frozen. She is absolutely obsessed with Frozen, and Barbie's. She has to have them at all times. She loves to put her Barbie's in her baby stroller and push them around. She also love to color.
S: Sitting, watching Mickey Mouse Club House, playing with toys, eating
 Least favorite activities:
E hates when we have to get in the car and she cannot hold her entire bag of Barbie's. We have a huge tote full of Barbie's that travel EVERY WHERE with us. It is far to big for her to carry and she freaks out every day because she cant.
S hates taking baths/showers, as well as tummy time. She will probably never crawl at this rate lol
 Momma's Proud Moment: 
E: I am just so proud of the fact that she can count to ten and complete recite her ABC's. She is so smart. She also knows my husband, mine and her sisters by name. I also love that she love to help clean. She will vacuum, scrub the floors, load and unload the dishwasher, etc.
S: Being able to sit unassisted as well as hold he bottle. Its the little things ;)
 Fun things we've done over the month:
We went to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, and got to feed the giraffes. Ellie also participated in the ALS ice bucket challenge (without ice). We also went to a few festivals around town and did the inflatables and petting zoo.

 We are working on potty training E... kind of. It isn't going great. Hopefully soon we both will be ready!


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

S is 5 months old!

I am so behind, I apologize. The months seem to be flying by, and then I go to recap our month and I think to myself, "That had to be more than a month ago."
Age: FIVE months, can you believe it?

Stats: She has lost a few pounds when she had a nasty tummy bug for a couple weeks so I am guessing she is right around 13-15lbs.
Clothes: We are dressing her in all 6 months size clothing. She also wears size 3 diapers.
 Favorite Activities: sitting up, watching and laughing at her big sister, playing with toys, watching tv, and sleeping. She is also learning to like swimming. She has a new found love for the doggies, so that is cute as well!
Least Favorite Activities: Getting dressed. She is loving being naked these days. She also hates her car seat. My dad has spoiled her so much that she has to have someone in sight or she is not happy.
 Mommy's Proud Moment: She can officially roll from front to back and back to front. She scoots all over the place, and even is starting to sit up unassisted.
Another proud moment of mine, is that she is now out of her rock n play sleeper and in her pack n play next to our bed. She is doing great! Here is a picture of her in her sisters toddler bed, where she fell fast asleep one afternoon. Now I cant leave her there because she rolls EVERYWHERE.
 Fun places we went: Swimming, of course. We also went to a few festivals around town, which she usually just falls asleep in her ergo while we are walking around. We also went to Glenwood Springs for a weekend, which was fun for everyone.

Also, this month was her first fourth of July! She was mesmerized by the fireworks!


Thursday, July 17, 2014

Someone is 21 months!

Age: 21 months

 Stats: She was sick the past month so we went to the doctor plenty of times. She is about 24lbs.
 Clothes: Not a lot has changed in this area. She still wears mostly 18-24 month stuff. Pants still need to be adjustable to fit her tiny booty. Size 6 shoes, and size 5 diapers!


 Favorite Foods: Oh you know just typical toddler foods... Pretzels, pistachios, chips, cheese, chicken, tacos, Slurpee's, ice cream, popsicles, apples, peaches, mac & cheese.

Favorite words: She is so good with her words. She sings "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" on the daily. Not only that but "Row Row Row Your Boat", "Ring Around the Rosie", and her "ABC's". She can pretty much say every letter in order! She copies anything you say now-a-days. Her most recent thing is "Look, Momma LOOK!" or "No Grandma, No Grandma".
Favorite activities: Playing outside, swimming, eating, going on walks, going to festivals and playing on the inflatables, GYMNASTICS!, playing with her puppies, helping mommy, smelling the roses out front, looking for the moon
Least favorite activities: Changing her diaper! She never has time for it, after all she is so busy! She also hates being woken up in the morning.

Momma's Proud Moment: I just love how she constantly is looking for and protecting her sister. She will wake up in the morning and say "Good Morning Sissy". Or "I love me sissy". She is really impressing me with how she has adapted, specially since she did not like the idea of this at first.

Fun things we've done over the month: We have gone swimming multiple times, which she LOVES. We have also gone to a few summer festivals. You really can't beat family time, beer, and huge inflatable slides. There is a new park by our house with so many fun things to do (swing, play on the play ground, splash pad) and she enjoys her time there. She was sick a lot of the month so we didn't get to do nearly as much as we would've liked, but we definitely made the best of it. Her most favorite part of the week is by far gymnastics, it is all she ever talks about!
This month she also became a cousin. Her little cousin was born at the end of June, she still isn't sure of her but she loves to say "I love me cousin" and "Nae Nae". The three of them are going to be best friends and us parents are going to be in trouble!
Our 4th of July
We had a BBQ with our entire family and then we went to the park to watch fireworks.
E probably had way too much fun, it was a blast though! She looked stylish all day in her TWO 4th of July outfits. What can I say, I'm obsessed with toddler clothing.
She could hardly keep her eyes open for the fireworks, because she was having too much fun ALL day, she decided it was a no nap day. S LOVED them and could not get her eyes off of them.




Monday, June 23, 2014

S is 4 months old!

Age: Four Months

Stats: We haven't been to the doctor yet for her four month check up but I am guessing she is pushing 15lbs. She has gotten a lot longer and leaner.

Okay so I was wrong! She is 13.6lbs and 24.5 inches tall! So not as heavy as I thought! 


Clothes: We are dressing her in all 6 months size clothing. She also wears size 2 diapers and size 1 shoes. She has tiny feetsies.

First time sitting in her high chair!
 Favorite Activities: eating, sleeping, watching sissy, watching tv, playing peek-a-boo, being held, blowing bubbles

Least Favorite Activities: The only thing that really gets to her is if we don't take her ques for being sleepy. If we miss the ques all hell breaks loose. That and if we don't feed her as soon as she is hungry. She clearly needs her beauty rest and food.
 Mommy's Proud Moment: Rolling over from tummy to back and being so close to roll over from back to tummy. The first time she rolled over from tummy to back, we were sitting in the girls room and C had her on her tummy and she all of a sudden rolled over. I was so proud of her, I even said "Oh my gosh! She just rolled over, did you see that?" haha. Another proud moment of mine was when she broke herself of the swaddle. It was starting to get WAY to hot to be sleeping swaddled. She kept breaking out a few nights in a row so we switched to a sleep sack.
 Fun places we went: The swimming pool. She wasn't so sure the first time we went but by the second time she was loving it. She also has gone to the park a few times. We also went to the Arvada 2nd Saturday Festival. There wasn't a whole lot she could do other than ride along in her stroller, but big sister had fun going down the inflatable slide. Her baby cousins baby shower was also this month so that was fun.


We also, had a tornado warning this month, so we hid in our bathroom for about 20 minutes!
First time getting her toe nails painted...

Thursday, June 12, 2014

E is 20 months old!

Age: 20 months
Can I just say... I cannot believe that in just four short months I will have a two year old. Where has time gone? I remember meeting her for the first time and I still fall in love with her more and more everyday. Here is a picture of us together, in honor of throw back Thursday.


 Stats: We don't go back to the doctor for official measurements but she is about 23lbs and 33 inches tall.



 Clothes: She is still a skinny Minnie. She wears mostly 24 months/2T, but the pants have to have an adjustable waist, or we can forget it. She can wear 18 month pants without the adjustments.

 Favorite Foods: Oh you know, the obvious junk foods: chips, nuts, cookies, candy. She also loves corn, pork chops, chicken, steak, broccoli, green beans, peaches, and tangerines.

Having my first Slurpee ever!


Favorite words: Her new thing is to say "I love me" when you tell her you love her. Or when she needs to say excuse me she says, "Excuse you". It is quite humorous.
One day last week we were headed home from dinner and I started saying the ABC's. Well I stopped after the letter G and she said the whole rest of the alphabet. I was amazed. She is so smart. She also counted to 10 in the car the other day.
Favorite activities: Playing outside, playing in her sand box, bouncing on her big teddy bear, swimming, reading books, eating, feeding the dogs, unloading the dishwasher, dancing, playing with her puppies, cleaning, swimming


Least favorite activities: Cleaning up her toys. Although she is getting better at it.

Momma's Proud Moment: My proud moment is definitely when she said her ABCs and 123's. She amazes me everyday though. She is so smart and so sweet (most the time). Although she does tell me she doesn't love me sometimes. It completely breaks my heart. I suppose she is just preparing me for those teenage years.

Fun things we've done over the month: We went swimming for the first time this season. She LOVED it. She had a blast. We all did, except Sadie. She also loved walking to the gas station with daddy to get ice cream after dinner. C showed her the moon and she is obsessed.
We switched her bed from a crib to toddler bed. We are hoping this will help her want to sleep in her own bed here pretty soon.
Pointing at the moon!